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Lacanian action in Act.
Echoes of the city

In this interview Maria Hortensia Cardenas tells us about the conversation of the New Lacanian School about A Real articulated to several issues, such as a Real and family, a Real and crime, and a real and cruelty. It also addresses the way in which the NEL faces ‘Violence’ within the frame of the Lacanian Action. Maria Hortensia Cardenas is AME (Analyst Member of the School) NEL-Lima and responsible for the preparatory activities of the NEL for the Congress in Paris. She is a former President of the NEL (2006-2008) and member of the Board of the WAP (2008-2012). María Elena Lora is a member of the NEL and the World Association of Psychoanalysis. She is Advisor of the NEL for Radio Lacan.
Episode 1
Echoes of Lima: Interview with Maria Hortensia Cárdenas
By María Elena Lora
16:29 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 22.03.2014
Pierre Naveau