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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On February 6 th 2016 the Evening of the ACF IdF and L'envers de Paris took place in Paris towards the 10th Congress of the WAP. On this occasion Hélène Bonnard answered the question: what happens with the body in the analytic session? In her book “Le corps pris au mot. Ce qu’il dit, ce qu’il veut”, she takes us from the Mirror Stage to the Body Event, and demonstrates how the clinic puts to the test the misunderstanding that would believe that psychoanalysis is not interested in the body.
Episode 1
Intervention by Hélène Bonnaud in the Evening of the ACF-IdF and L'envers de Paris Towards the 10th Congress of the WAP
24:36 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 15.04.2016
Pierre Naveau