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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

"A place and a tie" by Ana Ruth Najles. This work was presented at the round table "The traces of control", coordinated by Samuel Basz and Gerardo Réquiz at the VIII Congress of the WAP: The symbolic order in the 21st century. Ana Ruth Najles is AME (Analyst, member of the School) of the EOL, and its current President and member of the WAP. Teacher at the Clinical Institute of Buenos Aires (ICdeBA), at the Oscar Masotta (IOM) Institute and at the Masters in Psychoanalysis at the Catholic University of San Pablo, La Paz, Bolivia, among other graduate programs. Author of: "A politics of psychoanalysis - with children –" and "The global child. Segregation and violence", among other publications. Her latest book is called: Delights of intimacy. From extimacy to sinthome.
Episode 1
A place and a tie
By Ana Ruth Najles
12:35 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 26.04.2012
Pierre Naveau