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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On the occasion of the last edition of the “Papers” of the School One, Maurizio Mazzotti, from his experience as Coordinator, gives us a clue to follow the thread that Jacques-Alain Miller has traced towards Rio 2016. Focusing particularly on a concept intensely interrogated in the texts of the School, escabeau, he indicates that it is the juncture of the register in which it is placed which represents its originality: placed in the center of a double relationship to Narcissism but also next to the opaque side of the symptom, that connotes a radical novelty to understand the dimension of the Imaginary.
Episode 1
Towards Rio 2016: The “Papers” of the School One
By Maurizio Mazzotti
Established by: Laura Rizzo
15:45 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 05.10.2015
Pierre Naveau