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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On Friday June 19th 2015, the cooperation agreement between the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana and the NEL-Mexico DF, was signed in Mexico city, whereby the bond between both institutions is formalised, relaunching the Master's Degree in Psychoanalytic Studies which functioned in the UCSJ, under the responsibility of the members of the NEL-Mexico DF. To bring us closer to this event, our colleague Paula Del Poccio talked to Viviana Berger -Director of the NEL-Mexico DF-, Marcela Almanza - Academic Coordinator at the NEL-Mexico DF- and Carolina Puchet, who is in charge of the academic link between the NEL and the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana.
Episode 1
Welcome to the Master's Degree
By Paula Del Cioppo
6:36 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 22.06.2015
Pierre Naveau