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Psychoanalysis and Arts

As in the book "The Blue Room" by Georges Simenon, the starting point of the film is "an image, an impression". Jeanne Joucla reports for Radio Lacan on the evening "Cinema and Psychoanalysis", held on March 23rd 2015, with the presence of Mathieu Almaric. A phrase resonated: "Life is different when it is lived and when one peels its rind off afterwards". Psychoanalysis lets itself be taught by the artist. This event was organised by the ACF-Val of Loire-Brittany, Community of Rennes.
Jeanne Joucla is a psychoanalyst in Rennes, AP member of the ECF and of the WAP. She teaches at the Clinical Section of Rennes, and she is a member of the Cartel “Psychoanalysis and Cinema”.
Episode 1
"Cinema and Psychoanalysis" in Rennes
By Jeanne Joucla
7:15 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 23.03.2015
Pierre Naveau