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Report of the Study-Day of the Kring voor psychoanalyse of the NLS “Crisis and creation”, held in Gant on March 20th, 2015.
Lieve Billiet is a psychoanalyst in Ghent (Belgium). She is AP member of the NLS and of the WAP. She teaches at the PPaK-Gant (Psychoanalic Clinical Program-Ghent).
Florencia Fernández Coria Shanahan is a psychoanalyst in Dublin, member of the NLS and the WAP. She is the representative of the NLS for Radio Lacan international comittee.
Episode 1
"Meanwhile in Flanders..."
By Lieve Billiet
Established by: Florencia F.C. Shanahan
5:05 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 20.03.2015
Pierre Naveau