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The website "Listening to the autistics" was build by a collective of practitioners oriented by psychoanalysis and who have worked together for several years. The aim of this collective is to intervene in the political debates about the most suitable treatments for autism and about its clinical specificity, based on the autistic subjects' own testimonies. The autistic subjects invite us to trust their inventions, no matter how small they may be, highlighting that they have a function, not just in tempering their fears, but as therapeutic tools. After listening to Jean Claude Maleval in this interview, do visit this innovative and enriching website:
Jean-Claude Maleval is a psychoanalyst in Rennes, AP, member of the ECF and the WAP. He teaches at the Clinical Section in Rennes, he is professor in clinical psychology at Rennes 2 University. He has a PhD in Psychology from Paris 13 University and is the author of many books including: "The autistic subject and his voice", "The logic of delusion", "The name of the father: concepts and clinic".
Solenne Albert is a psychoanalyst in Nantes, AP, member of the ECF and the WAP.
Episode 1
Interview with Jean Claude Maleval
By Solenne Albert
Author: Jean-Claude Maleval; Established by: Solenne Albert
23:11 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 26.02.2015
Pierre Naveau