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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

The interview is introduced by Liliana Mauas. “What we call the modernity of joy is a way of naming the belief in science to solve the impossible of the non-sexual relationship. The first thing of which the title made me think, is about a confidence by Lacan-that is the way he called it-a confidence which he makes in his Seminar “The unsuspecting people do not err”-I looked for it thinking of this interview. Thus, I read it: “It could happen that I love a woman; it could happen to me as to any of you. These are the type of adventures in which you could be introduced. However, that does not give any certainty about the sexual identification of a person…” Guy Briole is a psychoanalyst in Paris, AME, member of the ECF and the ELP. Member of the WAP; he was the Director of the last Congress of the WAP “A Real for the XXI century”. Araceli Teixidó is a psychoanalyst in Barcelona, member of the ELP and the WAP. Liliana Mauas is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires, member of the EOL and the WAP. She is teacher of the IOM and Director of Radio Lacan.
Episode 1
What follows is an Interview with Guy Briole, within the Framework of the 13th Study-Days of the ELP by Araceli Teixedo
By Araceli Teixidó
Author: Guy Briole
17:12 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 01.12.2014
Pierre Naveau