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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On November 29 and 30 the XXIIIrd Annual Study-Days of the EOL will be held, under the title: "Borders of the Feminine. Sexualities, motherhood, women of today". In relation to this event Radio Lacan decided to contribute to these Study-Days making use of the 2011 English film directed by Steve Mc Queen, Shame, in order to read from there the feminization of the World "contemporary aspiration to femininity". On this occasion we invite Ernesto Sinatra. rnesto Sinatra is a psychoanalyst, AME (Analyst member of the School) of the School of the Lacanian Orientation and member of the WAP. Ex-director of E.O.L; General; Coordinator of teachings and Permanent Teacher of the ICdeBA (Clinical Institute of Buenos Aires); also co- founder of the TYA (International Network of the Freudian Field in Drug addictions and Alcoholism). He is the author of many publications and books, among them: The Rationality of Psychoanalysis; From concepts to mathems, a new landscape and We, men.
Episode 1
The –shameless- Rascal, his Sister and Time
By Ernesto Sinatra
10:51 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 17.11.2014
Pierre Naveau