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From 21st to 23rd November the XX meeting of the EBP will take place "Trauma to the bodies and violence in the cities." Due to this event, Rádio Lacan decided to offer a small contribution for such conference, using the film City of God - Brazilian film from 2012, by Fernando Meirelles – Through this film, violence can be read interrogating Psychoanalysis from the proposed theme, which is trauma and violence in double sense. On this occasion, we have invited Ana Ruth Najles. Ana Ruth Najles is AME (Analyst, member of the School) of the EOL, and its current President and member of the WAP. Teacher at the Clinical Institute of Buenos Aires (ICdeBA), at the Oscar Masotta (IOM) Institute and at the Masters in Psychoanalysis at the Catholic University of San Pablo, La Paz, Bolivia, among other graduate programs. Her latest book is called: “Delights of intimacy. From extimacy to sinthome”. Edition: Gleuza Salomon. Gleuza Salomon is a psychoanalyst in Curitiba, AP of the EBP, and member of the WAP. She collaborates with Radio Lacan in Brazil.
Episode 1
City without God
By Ana Ruth Najles
10:19 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 18.11.2014
Pierre Naveau