Radio Lacan

Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

A few days away from the ECF Conference, Vanessa Sudreau closes the series of podcasts about mothers in Radio Lacan. She makes an unprecedented reading of Jacques Demy, staged by the magnificent Catherine Deneuve dressed as Donkey Skin. Not letting be beclouded by incest, openly treated by Perrault, Vanessa Sudreau extracted for us the incredible gift a mother figure can offer to her daughter: Rhetoric. From Surprise to surprise this reading leads, guided by the fairy of lilac, towards the way in which a godmother transmits femininity through her own desire. Vanessa Sudreau is a psychoanalyst in Toulouse. Member of the ACF-Midi-Pyrénées. Edition: Omaira Meseguer.
Episode 1
Jacques Demy's Donkey skin
By Vanessa Sudreau
8:12 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 11.11.2014
Pierre Naveau