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This is an interview with Mónica Torres in Chile, a propos of a Seminar which she dictated in Santiago, invited by ALP, one of the Chilean groups associated to the WAP. The interview with Mónica revolves around two questions, one about her current impressions on Psychoanalysis of the Lacaniana Orientation in Chile; and the second, about the Novel “’A holiday week by Christine Angot, which J A Miller comments on at the Sorano theatre, regarding “Enough with the father’’ Mónica Torres is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires, AME of the EOL, and member of the WAP. She is director of the Department on Family Studies and the Enlaces, Psicoanálisis y Cultura (Links, Psychoanalysis and Culture) journal. She is a teacher at UNSAM mastery, and of ICdeBA. Raquel Cors Ulloa is a psychoanalyst in Santiago de Chile, AP member of the NEL and of the WAP. She is delegate for LATIGO and coordinator of FAPOL Antena in Chile. She collaborates for Radio Lacan in Chile.
Episode 1
Interview with Mónica Torres In Santiago Chile
By Raquel Cors Ulloa
Author: Mónica Torres; Interviewer: Raquel Cors Ulloa
10:31 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 11.10.2014
Pierre Naveau