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Paola Francesconi proposed that this magnificent opera, written by Colette and music by Maurice Ravel, was added to our series of stories. It is to be said that it is a creation that revolves around the mother figure. Colette began her writing in 1912, marked by two important events in her woman’s life: the loss of her mother and the birth of her daughter. Ravel, for his part, took his time to set music up to 1920, since he was very unhappy after returning from the war and the death of his own mother... Paola Francesconi precisely highlights the obliged passage of the child; from the iconoclastic "Fury" to the humanization by symbolic imagery. "There is the exit! (say the animals) Take it to the nest! We have to make the word that he cried a little while ago, be heard... Let us shout the word... Mom... mom... "Mom... mom..!" Paola Francesconi is a psychoanalyst in Bologna, AME of the SLP and member of the WAP. She was President of the SLP (2010-2012). The child’s voice: Lorenzo Edition: Vanessa Sudreau and Omaira Meseguer.
Episode 1
The child and the spells
By Paola Francesconi
8:20 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 14.09.2014
Pierre Naveau