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In 2013, Jacques-Alain Miller and Jorge Forbes created the Psychoanalysis Network of the Freudian Field-LABRASIVO. This is a shocking response of the Lacanian psychoanalysis to Brazil, against the Real of liquid modernity. The goal is a quick and creative action in front to the new symptoms of our time. Jorge Forbes is AME of the EBP, one of its founders and first General Director-. He is also AME OF THE EEP, and member of the WAP. Currently, He is Chairman of the Institute of Lacanian Psychoanalysis and The Analysis Project. Gleuza Salomon is member of the EBP and the WAP. She collaborates for Radio Lacan in Brazil.
Episode 1
Jorge Forbes’ interview
By Gleuza Salomon
Author: Jorge Forbes; Interviewer: Gleuza Salomon
10:36 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 30.08.2014
Pierre Naveau