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"Attention to the chute / All that Falls" is the title of the exhibition- with the curators in charge Gérard Wajcman and Marie De Brugerolle-, which takes place at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris until September 7th 2014. Made from a proposition by Gérard Wajcman, this exhibition has the support of the Polish Institute in Paris and the Director of the Palais de Tokyo, Jean de Loisy. This time will be a matter of fall and falls. If the twenty-first century was born in the falls, not - all falls are catastrophic. In art as in Psychoanalysis the fall is not only trauma in itself, it can also be a movement of separation which carries an invention within. Gérard Wajcman is the ECF AP and member of the WAP. He is doctor and tenured Professor in the Department of Psychoanalysis at Paris 8 University, and director of the Center for History Studies on and gaze theory. He is the author of numerous publications, including Fenêtre, chroniques du regard et l'intime, l'oeil absolu and The Experts, the police of the dead. Eugenia Varela Navarro is a psychoanalyst, member of the ECF and the WAP; PhD in Psychoanalysis from Paris 8 University. Contributor for Radio Lacan in Paris.
Episode 1
By Eugenia Varela Navarro
2:38 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 18.07.2014
Episode 2
Conversation with Gérard Wajcman about the exhibition "Attention to the chute / All that Falls"
By Eugenia Varela Navarro
43:47 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 18.07.2014
Pierre Naveau