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Since Dr. Lacan articulated the feminine with the concept of non – all, it became apparent the need for men and women of inventing an artifice to cope with the un-completeness and the inconsistency in the Other, affected by the non-all. What Jacques-Alain Miller and Eric Laurent called in one of the Lacanian orientation courses as: the Other that does not exist; which means that it is inconsistent and that it does not exist in the real. The symptom is that invention necessary to treat the non - all in the flashes in which the real is manifested in our existence. Dr. Gustavo Stiglitz is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, teacher, Member of the EOL and the WAP. Member of the Executive Direction of the IOM. Coordinator in Argentina of the new network Cereda (international network for studies and research on the child in the analytical discourse.) Director of the Centre for Research and teaching of the IOM- Salta. Karina Tenenbaum Psychoanalyst, psychologist graduated from U.B.A with license obtained in Florida USA, maintains her clinical practice in that State. Member of the NEL and the WAP. She is currently Director of the NEL-Miami.
Episode 1
Interview with Gustavo Stiglitz in relation to his Seminar at the NEL-Miami
By Karina Tenenbaum
11:24 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 31.05.2014
Pierre Naveau