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Echoes of the city

Tania Abreu talks to Patrick Almeida about the changes in the library’s operation at this 4th Board of the EBP and the impact on the analytical community of the Freudian Field, especially for the analyst’s formation. She also explains her contribution to the Freudian education in the reality of this time, in the cities we live in. Tania Abreu, is a psychoanalyst member of the EBP and the WAP. She is the current Director of the library of the Brazilian School of Psychoanalysis. Patrick Almeida is a psychoanalyst in Paris, and PhD candidate in Psychoanalysis at the Université de Paris VIII. He collaborates for Radio Lacan. The listeners will have the advantage to read the DR (EBP network directory): And the bibliography, above all; which is the electronic newsletter of EBP’s libraries:
Episode 1
Interview with Tania Abreu
By Patrick Almeida
Author: Tânia Abreu
6:33 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 26.05.2014
Pierre Naveau