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Echoes of the city

María Leonor Solimano talked to Radio Lacan on the intervention of Jacques-Alain Miller at the Sorano Theater, which was screened on May 14 in Buenos Aires, and its relationship with Miller’s last course: the (more) latest Lacan. We also asked for her reflection about the implications of the closing Conference at the last Congress entitled "The unconscious and the speaking body". María Leonor Solimano is AME (Analyst member of the School) and member of the Statutory Council of the EOL and member of the WAP. Bettina Quiroga is psychoanalyst and contributor for Radio Lacan in Buenos Aires.
Episode 1
Interview with Maria Leonor Solimano
By Bettina Quiroga
3:54 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 19.05.2014
Pierre Naveau