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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On October 25 and 26, 2019, the Clinical days of the XXIV Conference of the EBP- Bahía Section: "Time to Interpret" took place, Miguel Bassols gave a conference entitled: "The Dark Authority of Interpretation". There he emphasized the value and place of interpretation in analytical experience. According to his words, "the analyst responds with an operation that is interpretation and that addresses what we call the unconscious". For this to happen, it is necessary to warn that "the key to interpretation is time. It can only happen at a given time, at an opportune moment, which he called "kairos". And that moment, as well as its handling, are intrinsically linked to the transference, the principal source of analytical experience. He then directed us towards the elaboration of Lacan around the transference as "a subjective time of the subject’s relationship with his own unconscious, the transference is a relationship essentially linked to time and its handling, and the interpretation is a handling of time, hence the importance of the cut in the session". These and other references were part of this brilliant conference. We invite you to listen to it!
Episode 1
Lecture "The Dark Authority of Interpretation"
By Miquel Bassols
59:58 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 26.11.2020
Pierre Naveau