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On the 22nd November, 2018, Éric Laurent, at the invitation of the management of the EBP, gave a conference entitled "The Three Dimensions of the School and the Place of Interpretation "in the Course-Seminar The School subject in the perspective of teaching, held in Rio de Janeiro, on the eve of the XXII Brazilian Meeting of the Freudian field. We share with the listeners of Radio Lacan this excellent contribution of Éric Laurent, whom we thank for authorisation to publish it.
Episode 1
Three dimensions of the School, and the place of interpretation
By Éric Laurent
Established by: María da Glória Maron
20:53 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 22.11.2018
Episode 2
Debate with Éric Laurent
Established by: María da Glória Maron
24:03 minutes | Audio in Spanish, Portuguese | Recorded 22.11.2018
Pierre Naveau