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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

In this brief exchange, in Paris, Mario Goldemberg tells us about the way he became interested in this contemporary manifestation of violence. From the film " The Elephant" by Gus van Sant, going through "The Wall" by Alan Parker(1982) and ending with "Entre les murs" by Laurent Cantet (2008), Mario Goldemberg exposes a series of reflections enlightened by Psychoanalysis which without a doubt, deserve an attentive reading of his publications. Mario Goldemberg is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires, member of the EOL and the WAP. Compilator of the book "Violence in the schools"from 2001. He is director of Consecuencias (Consequences), digital journal on Psychoanalysis, art, and thought. He is a teacher at IcdeBA; director of the Elephant blog and moderator of the blog the WAP. Omaira Meseguer is a psychoanalyst in Paris, member of the ECF and the WAP. She is the representative of the ECF for Radio Lacan international comittee.
Episode 1
Interview with Mario Goldemberg by Omaira Meseguer about "School violence"
By Omaïra Meseguer
14:50 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 17.04.2014
Pierre Naveau