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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

This report was read by Bernard Seynhaeve, director of Courtil-the Belgian institution oriented to Psychoanalysis, which is committed to the attention of children, adolescents and young people, with psychic suffering- at the last Congress of the WAP "A real for the XXI century" It is a call to the colleagues of the WAP, in order that the film "In open air" by Mariana Otero, could be exhibited in the world as a political act of Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation. Bernard Seynhaeve is a member of the ECF and the NLS, and also member of the WAP. Mariana Otero is a French film maker dedicated to the accomplishment of documentaries.
Episode 1
Audio in french
3:47 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 17.04.2014
Episode 2
Audio in Portuguese
By Gleuza Salomon
6:42 minutes | Audio in Portuguese | Recorded 17.04.2014
Episode 3
Audio in spanish
By Liliana Mauas
5:51 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 17.04.2014
Episode 4
Audio in Italian
By Laura Rizzo
7:15 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 17.04.2014
Episode 5
Audio in english
By Silvina Bragagnolo
5:01 minutes | Audio in English | Recorded 17.04.2014
Episode 6
Interview with Mariana Otero maker of the film "Like an open sky", by Bernard Seynhaeve, and collaboration by Marlene Belilos
Author: Bernard Seynhaeve; Established by: Marlène Belilos
19:55 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 08.02.2014
Pierre Naveau