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On May 16, 2018, on the occasion of the XII Colloquium of the NEL that took place in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, Gustavo Dessal, gave a public lecture under the title "Maternity in times of violence", at the seat of the University of San Simón. The introduction was in charge of Giancarla Antezana. Radio Lacan thanks the recording and the audio to Raúl Arancibia.
Episode 1
Public Lecture of Gustavo Dessal at the University of San Simón, Cochabamba, Bolivia: "Maternity in the time of violence".
Author: Gustavo Dessal; Established by: Heidi Gehler; Introduction: Giancarla Antezana
41:24 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 16.05.2018
Pierre Naveau