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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On Thursday, 17th May2018, the journal of the ICdeBA La ciudad analítica was presented at the "Usina del Arte" in Buenos Aires. It was an event chaired by Éric Laurent and introduced by Graciela Brodsky, who is responsible for the general direction of the Institute and alma mater of this project. Éric Laurent was the one who presided over the conversation under the slogan "What do you see when you see me?", and in this atmosphere psychoanalysts Leonardo Gorostiza, President of the Statutory Council of the EOL, Daniela Fernandez, Director of the journal, discussed with guest-speakers from different disciplines of culture who have a very particular view of the city: Pablo Sztulwark, an architect, and Mariano Luna, a curator of art. We would like to thank our colleague Gabriela Camaly an enthusiastic chronicler, who invites us to visit the journal.
Episode 1
Report on the Launch of the Journal of the ICdeBA La ciudad analítica.
By Gabriela Camaly
Established by: Liliana Mauas
4:51 minutes | Audio in Spanish | Recorded 17.05.2018
Pierre Naveau