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On Saturday, January 27th, 2018, the MAFALDA group of the New Network CEREDA and the Association of the Freudian Cause Midi-Pyrénées organized a demonstration entitled "Violence and Destinies of Violence in Children and Adolescents" in Toulouse, towards the 5th Study-Day "Violent Children" that the Psychoanalytic Institute of the Child will hold in March 2019. Christine Maugin was invited to this event as coordinator of the New Network CEREDA. She facilitated a clinical workshop in the morning and gave a conference in the afternoon under the title "What to Read about Violence in the Child". She agreed to speak about it with our colleague and Radio Lacan collaborator, Eduardo Scarone.
Episode 1
“Violence and Destinies of Violence in Children and Adolescents”. Interview with Christine Maugin in Toulouse.
By Eduardo Scarone
Author: Christine Maugin; Established by: Eduardo Scarone
10:28 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 27.01.2018
Pierre Naveau