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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

Within the context of the last Congress of the WAP, in the spot entitled "The commitment of a philosopher", Bernard-Henri Lévy was invited to expose. His lecture which he called "Dealing with reality" was introduced by Guy Briole’s words. Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL) is a philosopher and French writer. He is friend of the Freudian Field with which he has shared several struggles. He is founder and director of the site La Régle Du Jeu ( Guy Briole is member of the ECF and the ELP. Member of the WAP; he was the Director of the last Congress of the WAP “A Real for the XXI century”.
Episode 1
"Struggling with the real". Conference by Bernard-Henri Lévy at the IX Congress of the WAP. Introduction by Guy Briole.
51:27 minutes | Audio in French | Recorded 14.04.2014
Pierre Naveau