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Psychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation

On October 20th Nathalie Jaudel gave a conference in Palermo under the title"Fakes News and Post Veritá/The Triumph of the Proven". It addressed a very current subject, the subject of False and Post-Truth News. In the era of the "continuum" that characterizes our time, the categories are mixed. How to orient oneself in what is true and what is false? Nathalie Jaudel responds to this question from a reflection on the Truth of the Message, on the implication of the subject's body and, consequently, on the real of the drive.
Episode 1
"Fakes News and Post Veritá/The Triumph of the Proven" Conference by Nathalie Jaudel in Palermo
Author: Nathalie Jaudel; Established by: Laura Rizzo; Simultaneous translation: Roberta La Barbera
61:54 minutes | Audio in French, Italian | Recorded 20.10.2017
Pierre Naveau