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The Lacanian Orientation in 21st century

What does a woman want? Freud wondered. In the 21st century, in which we see a weakening of the facades, is it still an enigma? Where does the feminine ‘’volere’’ arise from, and how is it characterized? Woody Allen's film "Blue Jasmine" and the impasse of the feminine volontà . What are the effects of this change for men? Paola Francesconi, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, former Chairman of the SLP, Member of the WAP, Professor at the Freudian Institute. Giuliana Zani is psychoanalyst, Member of the SLP and the WAP. Collaborator of the SLP, for Radio Lacan.
Episode 1
Femininity is no more what it used to be. Interview with Paola Francesconi
By Giuliana Zani
Author: Paola Francesconi; Established by: Giuliana Zani
12:32 minutes | Audio in Italian | Recorded 25.03.2014
Pierre Naveau