Radio Lacan

President: Leonardo Gorostiza
Director: Liliana Mauas
Editorial Advisor: Adriana Testa

International committee and correspondents
Marcelo Veras (EBP)
Carmen Conca (ELP)
Liliana Salazar-Redon (ECF)
Raquel Cors Ulloa (NEL)
Adriana Testa (EOL)
Laura Rizzo (SLP)
Gali Weinstein (NLS)

Contents committee
Coordinator: Liliana Mauas
Secretary: Walter Sierra
Omaïra Meseguer, Melina Cothros, Silvana Belmudes, Rosana Montani, Stéphan Montagnier, Isolde Huba-Mylek, Marcelo Denis, Magali Lutrand, Eduardo Scarone, Blanca Musachi, Lucas Leserre, Eugenia Varela Navarro, Laura Rizzo, Gleuza Salomon, Marlène Belilos, Silvina Bragagnolo, Claudio Steinmeyer, Patrick Almeida, Maria Cristina Giraldo, Julia Gutiérrez, Elena Levy Yeyati, Graciela Esperanza, Ana Viganó, María Elena Lora, Antonio Múgica Ariño, Maria Eugenia Cora, Gerardo Battista, Bettina Quiroga, Miriam Pais, Linda Clarke, Tom Ryan, Myriam Chang, Marta Maside, Patricia Tassara, Sofía Guaraguara, Lisandro Isasa, Renata Cuchiarelli, Betina Ganim, Christian Ríos, Nicolás Conde, Marilina Burjachuk, Loretta Biondi, Silvia Cimarelli, Isabel Capelli, Florencia Medici, Alejandro Reinoso, María Laura Tkach, Zully Flomenbaum.
Design: Santiago Alaniz
Webmaster: Mario Merlo.
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The Radio of the World Association of Psychoanalysis is an attempt to transmit the voices of the WAP and its politics, which is that of the Lacanian Orientation, showing the world how current psychoanalysis and the work of Jacques Lacan are.
This is a live radio, which aims to intervene in the present-day debate, and to make the position of psychoanalysis heard in face of the advance of the discourse of science along with capitalism, and of the consequences brought about by such bond in the contemporary world.

A radio for Lacanian psychoanalysts and those who are not. A radio that addresses the clinical, political and epistemic aspects of Psychoanalysis, as well as its ties and affinities with various manifestations of knowledge, sciences and arts.
The WAP Radio supports the debates held by psychoanalysts in each of the Schools on the multiple transformations of the epoch, on the position of pychoanalysis of the Lacanian Orientation in the 21st Century and, especially, on the place and role of the citizen- analyst in the context of those discussions.

Since its foundation, on 3 January 1992, the World Association of psychoanalysis is part of the movement for the reconquest of the Freudian Field, launched on 21 June 1964. Following the principles of the Proposition on the Psychoanalyst of the School (1967), its goal is to promote the development of Psychoanalysis worldwide. The WAP promotes the practice of psychoanalysis and its study according to the teaching of Jacques Lacan.

Pierre Naveau